Are you ready to open a Dutch company?

Are you ready to open a Dutch company?

Are you also ready to open your own Dutch company? Or are you thinking about opening a Dutch company, by yourself of with someone else? We can help you with that. In this article we will provide information regarding the set up to open your own Dutch company. We are aware that – especially in the beginning of this process – a lot of difficulties are to be encountered. The positive thing is that once you have set up your company, you are able to say: ‘I am the one that could open a Dutch company’. It is true that a lot of people are unable to finance the set up of a certain company, even if they wanted to. There are several things to do if it comes down to money, in order to be able to get the possibility to finance the company and set it up. The following things are what we talk about:

  • Get a job and save (a lot of) money
  • Go to the bank and ask for help
  • Ask your friends and family for some money 
These tips may sound simple, but it does not always has to be that difficult. Start small and eventually you will get big and you will be able to open your Dutch company.

Open a Dutch company: some tips that might help

If you surf to, you can have a look at this website. It can help you with all your questions about opening a Dutch company. But for most of the people counts that they have an idea and want to open the Dutch company, but are unable to realize the plan because of the lack of information. That is a pity, because lots of beautiful and innovational ideas will never be realized. Luckily, there are people and several companies that can offer help in case of trouble. But as we said, it is not always easy to asked for help. Most of the people we know want to do it by their self and yes that is good, but it does not always work as good as you hope it will do.

What can I do if I want to, but don’t have the money?

We pointed it out shortly already, in the beginning of the article. So maybe you are the person that really wants to set up and open a Dutch company but there is no money to do so. You asked all of your friends, family, neighbours and old teachers or old friends. Unfortunately, no one wants to help you by giving money, they only want to follow other ways and offer you different stuff and forms of help. We both know that this is not what you are looking for. Therefore we asked the question: ‘What can I do if I want to set up the Dutch company, but in case of lack of money, unable to do so?’. We asked this question to several people, amongst others three experts from different universities. Want to know the answers? You will read those next week!